You would think there would be more recipes in here for seafood for a gal who grew up on the Jersey shore. Well we do eat seafood quite a bit but I rarely use recipes. Simply marinate and grill. Or boil and peel. Or fry and eat. I'll have to add more here as we are all trying to increase our Omega-3's. Oh the Favorite Fish Patties are truly our favorite. Crispy, tasty, great.

Favorite Fish Patties
Lemon Barbecued Kababs- this post will link you to the recipe.
Hidden Treasure Mussels
Salmon Toasts
Salmon Baste for a Salmon Bake
Frogmore Stew
Greek Style Salmon
Fire and Ice Shrimp
Copper River Salmon
Crab Rangoon
Citrus Alaska Cod with Tahini Drizzle
Provencal Alaska Salmon Saute

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