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Iwould love to be able to travel the world and become a travel writer but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. I think there are some folks out there that have cornered the market on that one! But I can blog about my little jaunts, oh yes I can! Of course mine posts are mostly food travel based. So if you are enywhere near any of the places I write about, drop in on them and say, "Big Red Kitchen sent me." And they will say, "Who?"

Big Red Kitchen
Big Red Kitchen Tour
Life in BRK
Big Red Kitchen's Summer 2010 Recap

Boston Day Trip #1- Newbury Street and Fenway Park
Boston Day Trip #2- Faneuil Hall and the Italian North End
Boston Day Trip #3- East Boston to Revere and Beyond
Good Food Hunting in Revere, MA: The Best Torrone, Bread and Pastries
Boston's Italian North End
Mike's v. Modern's Cannoli Throwdown
Boston's North End's Best Cannoli- Maria's Pastry
Boston Marathon of the Eating Kind


Washington State
Salmon Bake- Lakeside Bible Camp, Whidbey Island, Washington
Island Angel Chocolates- Whidbey Island, Washington
Sipping Chocolate- Island Angel Chocolates

Crest Hill Antiques Tea Room- The Plain, Virginia
Penzeys- Falls Church, Virginia
Lakeside Cafe: Boasting Salvadorian Favorites- Reston
Eating a Rainbow-Yellow: Lakeside Cafe's Platanos Fritos- Reston
Restaurant Depot- Alexandria
1607 Pie- Jamestown
BRK's Le Grande Ailoi-Reston's Lake Anne

The Little House Beyond the Iron Gate
Cannon Beach

Washington D.C.
The White House Christmas Tour
Inauguration: The White House Website
The German Embassy

Guest Post by Maggie Repp- Baid Mutajjan- Fried Hard-boiled Eggs

Puerto Rico
Why I went to Puerto Rico

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